Meet the Artist

Arists statement: ‘My personal philosophy is to open people’s minds to the beauty of our times and the scenes of everyday life around us.’- usha shantharam

Usha Shantharam is a fine artist based in Bangalore India.  Her artistic journey started right from her childhood days at Pondicherry, where she won many prizes for art at school and college. Born in 1956, she is a graduate in Home Science and General Laws- BSc. BGL.

She was tutored in the techniques of oil painting by private masters of Anglo-Indian origin, and since then has been self taught through books, internet media and basically by painting extensively.   

Her paintings are portrayed in the Contemporary Impressionism’style. Her signature techniques include using of special glazing methods and pure paints to create paintings. She typically never uses pure black, but mixes her own chromatic darks instead. 

The subjects of her paintings are based on day to day real life moments and experiences, as she believes that painting from real life is the truest form of expression. 

She particularly enjoys painting ‘en plein air’, where in she paints landscapes on location from real life and also paints portraits of people in real life sittings. 

She has a passion for experimenting with interesting new color combinations, unusual angles, and the play of light and shadows in her paintings. 

Her ‘Body Language’ series of paintings gives you a peek into the life of the common Indian man/woman; whom we see everyday, and yet do not have the time to look and appreciate the beauty of their simple attire, poise, posture and lifestyle. 

Her ‘The Drawing Room Musings’ series is a collection of ‘en plein air’ paintings of Indian Landscapes done on location at Lal Bagh Bengaluru, Mysore University Campus, Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary and Ooty. 

Usha Shantharam also shares her knowledge in painting with like minded people on her weekend classess. 

Usha Shantharam is a member of many online Art Communities like the ‘IAN Forum’ and ‘Plein air artists’.  She is actively followed by numerous art lovers in Social Medias like ‘LinkdIn’  ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’.  

She is internationally renowned and her paintings can be found in the private collections of Collectors  from India, U.S, South Africa and Australia. 

Awards and Achievements

-         2012 – 23rd to 27th March ‘ArtWave’ group art show by 35 artists at
-          Chitra Kala Parishad – Bengaluru.
-         2011 – Group art show ‘The Drawing Room Musings’- along with her students of art class. - 16th May to 25th May at Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad. Bengaluru.
-         2010- 10th Feb –  Juror of ‘Abstract Art’ competition held by The Bishop Cottons Girls College – Bengaluru.
-         2010 – 5th Feb - Awarded ‘Woman Entrepreneur in the field of Art’ by the students of Bishop Cottons Girls Collage during ‘Entrepreneurs Week’.   
-         2010 – 17th and 18th January - Participated in the ‘Art and Social Media’ Workshop – Bangalore.
-         2009 – Nov 8th and 9th - Group display of paintings at ‘The Bangalore Club’ – Bengaluru.
-         2009 – May 3rd to 13th, ‘Prathibimba’ group show at ‘Renaissance Art GalleryBangalore.
-         ‘En plein air’ art camp at Lal Bagh – Bangalore, as member of ‘Bangalore Art Forum’.  
-         2009 - Solo show at Chitra Kala Parishath called ‘Body Language’ from 1st to 8th February.
-         2008-2009 – Traveling Group shows at Jodhpur ('Palette Symphony of art Gallery Jan 4th to 24th '); Jaipur,(14th March to 24th March); Calcutta('GC Laha Centenary Fine Arts Gallery' Dec 29th to Jan 10th); and Goa, as member of the ‘Scribble artists association’- Hyderabad.
-         2008 - Finalist –for Nationwide Art competition –Kala Sangati – Hyderabad.
-         2007 - Solo show at the ‘Trinity Acres and Woods’ Community in December.
-         2007 - Joint show at ‘Chitra Kala Parishad’ Bangalore in May. 
-         2007 – Her paintings ‘Green Earth and Red Oil’ and the ‘Water Lilies’ were selected by the US based Gallery Art organization for their ‘Peak Oil’ project and published in the Sept-Oct 2007 issue of their Art Magazine.
-         2005 - Participated in ‘Chitra Santhe’ at Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad.
-         1998 –Participated and organized ‘Rajasthani miniature painting’ workshop by renowned artist Shri Uma Shankar Sharma.    

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